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ForsakenX5950's News

Posted by ForsakenX5950 - November 14th, 2012

yeah so im making my comic, (finally) I had the idea for years now, now im putting my foot down and getting it done. i really want this to appeal to readers. so i want it to be all colored in nice. and shaded. i am selling this 12 (24) both sides "comic" for 8 dollars. i know about 50 people who want a copy stat. its a bit pricey but im producing it myself. Im really hoping you can help me.

so people are paying for the comic to be made, plus the work we put in.

i did some math, 6.25 to make a comic. fully colored and bonded. to make 50 would be about 312 and some change.
so we make a profit of 2.75 per issue. you keep a dollar. so i sell 50 comics you get 50 bucks. if you would like to request a different method please let me know. (and if you do help me with this, the more i sell the more you get) any questions feel free to pm me anytime thank you.

NOTE: you will have to fill out a non-disclosure agreement

& a working agreement

everybody involved in the agreement knows exactly what they expect of others and what others expect of them, These items include the names of the parties involved in the agreement, the start and end dates of the agreement, the articles to which each party agrees, compensation, benefits and repercussions.

Need a shade guy, color-er, and speech bubble guy?

Posted by ForsakenX5950 - November 11th, 2012

I need any job really, ill do anything, voice act. draw for you. whatever you need. my pay cannot be matched. for it getting to the point where ill take anything at the moment, plz let me know if anything.

Looking for work...

Posted by ForsakenX5950 - November 10th, 2012

Thats right i want at this game project again. i had alot of support and im not gonna waste these great files for nothing, i need an animator and a programmer. if either of you had projects that fell apart, im your guy, i would gladly pick up from where you lefted off. i have voice actors, scripts. bio. artwork. stage ideas. plus music for all characters aswell as other scenerios. become apart of somthing mayjor, fantastic. even have your very own created character in it too. why not? we are a team after all. i dont plan on making money for this, its for thre people of Newgrounds to enjoy. and i know it will be the best fighting game on NG, we will get a buzz. and you will get the attention you deserve. which is a pay off in itself. are you with me?

if you need some motivation and want to see some work than just ask.


Posted by ForsakenX5950 - October 27th, 2012

I really dont understand people on NG, i'm here to make art do awesome projects, and just have fun. people here are hungry for money and it's not a good vibe for me, i have a job, so i dont need a few bucks here and there to do a request or help someone out in need. some people do this as a living, if thats true, please dont shoot down my ideas. im a human too, so chill your ass out, unless your like a perfectionist shut your damn mouth and quit being so picky.

A site for creativity, or is it more than that?

Posted by ForsakenX5950 - October 22nd, 2012

So i did this track, around 4 am. bored as all hell, when everything else seems to fall short and fail for me, such as projects and shit like that, i always come to this, making goofy songs that are fun to do, so sit back and enjoy this track, i know i did.The video, check it!

-Randumbrob d^.^b

Posted by ForsakenX5950 - May 9th, 2012

Cant, wait til we get started on the fun part of this stencyl project, the acualt stencyling. here's an idea for our fighting games menu. of course nothing is set in stone yet, we are whipping up somthing nasty for you guys, and it might just be the best game just saying. good luck everyone.

City of champions

Posted by ForsakenX5950 - April 19th, 2012

C'mon people i need Female Voice's Anybody! stop being shy! its getting a bit repetitive! I have three Female roles that need to be filled, be the cool girl in the group and lend your voice please!!!

Here's my email, juts hit me up and ill send you the script's.

Female voice talent, anywhere on this site?

Posted by ForsakenX5950 - February 8th, 2012

calling all artist's, i need you to come to the center of it all. here my friends, is a goal that can be easily met...with team work dedication and work contracts, lol naw jus kiddin. but really, im making a comic. i know what your thinking, oh no not another pro bono job. its not like that at all. i have created a project on kickstarter.com with a proposal of 1000 dollars starting they liked my idea. but now i need a video. of you telling of the story and what it is that your gonna do. after that i make a video of me describing the story. then we launch the project anybody that seees our' page will be able to donate to the cause. 1000 is our goal but it can pass that, ive seen comics raise 213,000 or more! i have a dynamite story, which i know you all will love. and great artwork to really make it pop out! we will raise that money, and i will use it to pay you and make that comic look as sexy as possible, mass produce it all over, make posters you name it. copy-write it, get incorporated, as well as trademark the name. i know a group of people that know law, and will be glad to help me.are you in? this may be life changing, if art is really what you wanna do. idk anyother better way to get your art out there.

Comic Project

Posted by ForsakenX5950 - August 27th, 2011

A concept card. from my TCG.


Posted by ForsakenX5950 - August 18th, 2011

Ah yes, its great to be back, now i gotta start all over again jesus...
It seems im always on the shit end of the stick, i feel like ive been used betrayed Left behind.
im goning to draw and write, and im working on a bunch of songs, wanna do a mix tape. techno, rock, hip hop you name it i want it all in there. but its hard finding people around this shit hole of a place...its quiet, but that's the only advantage. Maybe if theres anybody in this newgrounds area, that could be of assitance *cough cough* Box-Killa, but yeah need new tracks and ideas. im getting rusty over here.