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i dont have any negatives to give, it was good, and fun to watch. peace.

Going to be honest here, the...ummm.. just what is going on? well first off the words flash by too quick. i get the whole homage bit, but i dont think they were done any justice. keep at your craft and you will be a fine animator one day.

blinkycomix responds:

It's sad- but due to the limitations of the Flash engine that season- the computer's clock timing really screws up the timing of the animation. The original files are gone. All that remains is the final piece of art.

is this your first upload? it doesnt matter...its good. got serious potential.

FbMan responds:

No, actually, just click that there Author section and you can see the other animations I have made :) Thanks for the comment homes

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its fun, but are you the guy in the corner? i thought i was going agaisnt him or somthing, im like why you cheering? lol

had fun.

laser was beast, but the music drived me nuts, had to turn it off. maybe a mission brief kinda tune when your up grading.

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thats awesome

i would like to use this for my character in a fighting game we are doing. is that ok?

damn im shakin my donk to this.

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i would respect the art, its just the tags, are like really? are you trying to attract the pervs? i feel like people just draw tits and ass just to get a good rating. show your a legit artist by mixing it up man. and i know people are gonna give me hell, why? because they like thier tits and ass, but dudes. its a drawing. dont get too worked up.

XPISigmaArt responds:

I draw what I enjoy. The tags are there because thats what it is.

I do know what you mean. But to give me a one star rating for an opinion? Whats the point.

what a whore, good job though.

just amazing, your artwork is never disappointing.

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