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Need a shade guy, color-er, and speech bubble guy?

2012-11-14 01:14:27 by ForsakenX5950

yeah so im making my comic, (finally) I had the idea for years now, now im putting my foot down and getting it done. i really want this to appeal to readers. so i want it to be all colored in nice. and shaded. i am selling this 12 (24) both sides "comic" for 8 dollars. i know about 50 people who want a copy stat. its a bit pricey but im producing it myself. Im really hoping you can help me.

so people are paying for the comic to be made, plus the work we put in.

i did some math, 6.25 to make a comic. fully colored and bonded. to make 50 would be about 312 and some change.
so we make a profit of 2.75 per issue. you keep a dollar. so i sell 50 comics you get 50 bucks. if you would like to request a different method please let me know. (and if you do help me with this, the more i sell the more you get) any questions feel free to pm me anytime thank you.

NOTE: you will have to fill out a non-disclosure agreement

& a working agreement

everybody involved in the agreement knows exactly what they expect of others and what others expect of them, These items include the names of the parties involved in the agreement, the start and end dates of the agreement, the articles to which each party agrees, compensation, benefits and repercussions.

Need a shade guy, color-er, and speech bubble guy?


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2012-11-16 20:20:39

You should try a kickstarter campaign to get your self going.

ForsakenX5950 responds:

tried, its tidus and you needa working bank account or pay pal, i have niethe rof hose things. and it wont let me submit the project, one that took me, an hr to put together.